The above quote - "Offer Me each little moment as it passes. This will be enough, because then your whole year will be for Me." - is from the famous spiritual book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis. Imprimatur: Archbishop Sherbrooke, November 14, 1969. Editions Mediaspaul, 250 boul. St- Francois nord Sherbrooke, QC, J1E 2B9 (Canada).

Not attractive but 'transformed' when given as a 'moment'...........

This photo features our 'transformed' food scrap bucket. We don't have chooks at the moment so the scraps go in a 'hole' in the paddock - a hungry goanna and other wildlife feast on the leftovers.

Don't we live in a world of dire contrasts - first world families stressing over wasted food left on their children's plates (not to mention frustrated parents tripping-over expensive toys and other consumerables); while third world children and families live in abject poverty and starvation. I nearly forgot the at-risk families and individuals living in extreme poverty in affluent first world countries.

You've given me so much Jesus and I hardly ever think of, or pray for the needy. I'm putting my selfishness and this world of shameful contrasts in Your Holy hands so You can work out the inequality. Please help me to remember to say a quick prayer for the needy and at-risk children and people throughout the world everytime I put leftovers in the scrap bucket and each time I clean up the never ending trail of toys at home.

(Please keep reading to solve the 'transformed' food scrap bucket part..........)

Next is a photo of a World Vision Christmas card and gift for our family's sponsor child. World Vision does the hard work - they print and send the card and simple gift to us. We just have to write a Christmas message, attach a stamp and post it. Well, I missed the deadline so our sponsor child didn't receive her Christmas card. I feel very slack. In the lead up to Christmas I knew I had to do it but I kept putting it off until 'later'. Now it's New Years Eve and I've written a message with an apology - I'm making a small donation and I'm asking You Jesus to intervene so World Vision can still get this card to our sponsor child. Fortunately Jesus knows me better than I do - I just have to talk with Him about my trials and He lovingly helps me along.

Jesus could you please help me to be more like You - generous, forgiving, disciplined and all the other qualities I need to work on. Jesus I know that I'm Your precious 'work in progress' and I just have to invite You into my life for things to be put in order.

I also thank you Jesus for your delight when I give You my gifts like the 'scrap bucket' and 'slacko card' moments. The miracle is that You love and treasure my meagre gifts and 'transform' them into blessings. Thank you.

© He and I and me 2012

Straight ahead and veer right to God's light.........

Driving home from dinner - after vigil Mass. Saw a glowing full moon plus a few nocturnals beside the road - kangaroos and a cute tawny frogmouth eating something. There's something magical about a full moon glowing in the heavens. This 'shining night' moment is for You Jesus. Oh, Jesus please always guide me and direct me as brightly and loudly as this full moon so I'm not distracted by worldly things. Thank you.

© He and I and me 2012

Watching dinosaurs hatch...........

A pair of dinosaurs 'hatching' out of submerged foaming volcanoes - it doesn't get better than this for young children. Little voices proclaiming: "I can't believe my eyes!" and "This can be on the news, the television, the newspapers!" and "When they hatch we can feed them meat but not humans." and "Mine's a plant eater so he won't eat meat." What a fun time together and this time I remembered to say: "Jesus we're having a great time and this dinosaur moment is for You." By the way, it would be great if the children were this 'interested' at Mass!

© He and I and me 2012

Planes, trains, automobiles and a sunset......

On the road again and packed to capacity as we cross the plain. What a view from the window - every sunset different and full of God's wonder and love. Jesus thank you for being here with me and one with me. This sunset moment is for You.

© He and I and me 2012 

A 'Polaroid' pool moment.........

How cool is the Polaroid effect on this, pool time and pool toys. What's missing? I forgot to invite You Jesus to enjoy our perfect pool time so I'm inviting You now.

© He and I and me 2012 

Post Christmas play.........


Wee little hands and wee little feet building wee little Lego trucks....... These 'wee little' moments are all for You Jesus.

© He and I and me 2012 

Happy Birthday Jesus.........

Happy Birthday Jesus. I thought about You only a few times for fleeting moments today. I'm Sorry I'm so blasé about You. Christmas Day is nearly's 11.33pm but it's not too late to sing:

"Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday dear Jesus. Happy Birthday to You."

Note to self: remember that whatever I give to Jesus is never wasted. Whether it's a happy moment or something awful; I just need to remember to give it to Jesus and He will transform my 'gift' into a blessing for me or another soul. Meantime, Jesus will give me the grace to shed any hurt and instead be free to enjoy Him in peace. Our Lord's way is much better than wallowing. I hope You had a good birthday today Jesus. 

© He and I and me 2012 

Shoo shoo off the road please..........

I enjoy shoo-ing these frillneck lizards off the road so they're not squashed by traffic. They love sunbaking on this surface so they usually give 'attitude' and puff-up at me when I try to get them off the bitumen but eventually they race off into a traffic-free paddock. I've also rescued a turtle - he was taking way too long to cross so I helped him along. All of these moments are for You Jesus. And Jesus, please keep guiding and helping me along my road - You're a much better navigator and driver than me.

© He and I and me 2012 

Divine Mercy Christmas........

There's something so inviting about the Divine Mercy image of Jesus. He has risen from the dead and the colourful rays of blood and water are a beautiful font of refuge, rest and mercy for all. I have so much fun clicking away on my iPhone Jesus - all my taps and clicks are for You. 

© He and I and me 2012 

On the road again.............

Country roads...............mmmmm take-away iced coffee and air-conditioning inside while it's sunny, hot and picturesque out. All this to the sounds of "Love Is In The Air" on the radio dial. This driving moment is for You Jesus. My Jesus sticker reminds me to have a chat with Jesus and give Him my transport moments - what reminders do you use so you remember to talk to Jesus during your day?

© He and I and me 2012

Trash time...

Hi Jesus, these toys have been rescued from the trash - thank you for rescuing me. You're much better at guiding me than my best efforts so please keep steering me Jesus - the way You want me to go.

© He and I and me 2012

Still awake and can't sleep...

Awake in the night and couldn't get back to sleep. These restless moments are for You Jesus.

© He and I and me 2012

No more sugars...

I'm giving You all of my coffee breaks Jesus, I know it's not much but You know how much I miss having sugar in my coffee and tea -  that's for You too. Also, I get so much enjoyment out of the 'Game Of Thrones' series - on the 5th book now - so I'm offering you all of the times that I'm absorbed in my latest novel too.  

© He and I and me 2012