The above quote - "Offer Me each little moment as it passes. This will be enough, because then your whole year will be for Me." - is from the famous spiritual book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis. Imprimatur: Archbishop Sherbrooke, November 14, 1969. Editions Mediaspaul, 250 boul. St- Francois nord Sherbrooke, QC, J1E 2B9 (Canada).

Not attractive but 'transformed' when given as a 'moment'...........

This photo features our 'transformed' food scrap bucket. We don't have chooks at the moment so the scraps go in a 'hole' in the paddock - a hungry goanna and other wildlife feast on the leftovers.

Don't we live in a world of dire contrasts - first world families stressing over wasted food left on their children's plates (not to mention frustrated parents tripping-over expensive toys and other consumerables); while third world children and families live in abject poverty and starvation. I nearly forgot the at-risk families and individuals living in extreme poverty in affluent first world countries.

You've given me so much Jesus and I hardly ever think of, or pray for the needy. I'm putting my selfishness and this world of shameful contrasts in Your Holy hands so You can work out the inequality. Please help me to remember to say a quick prayer for the needy and at-risk children and people throughout the world everytime I put leftovers in the scrap bucket and each time I clean up the never ending trail of toys at home.

(Please keep reading to solve the 'transformed' food scrap bucket part..........)

Next is a photo of a World Vision Christmas card and gift for our family's sponsor child. World Vision does the hard work - they print and send the card and simple gift to us. We just have to write a Christmas message, attach a stamp and post it. Well, I missed the deadline so our sponsor child didn't receive her Christmas card. I feel very slack. In the lead up to Christmas I knew I had to do it but I kept putting it off until 'later'. Now it's New Years Eve and I've written a message with an apology - I'm making a small donation and I'm asking You Jesus to intervene so World Vision can still get this card to our sponsor child. Fortunately Jesus knows me better than I do - I just have to talk with Him about my trials and He lovingly helps me along.

Jesus could you please help me to be more like You - generous, forgiving, disciplined and all the other qualities I need to work on. Jesus I know that I'm Your precious 'work in progress' and I just have to invite You into my life for things to be put in order.

I also thank you Jesus for your delight when I give You my gifts like the 'scrap bucket' and 'slacko card' moments. The miracle is that You love and treasure my meagre gifts and 'transform' them into blessings. Thank you.

© He and I and me 2012