The above quote - "Offer Me each little moment as it passes. This will be enough, because then your whole year will be for Me." - is from the famous spiritual book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis. Imprimatur: Archbishop Sherbrooke, November 14, 1969. Editions Mediaspaul, 250 boul. St- Francois nord Sherbrooke, QC, J1E 2B9 (Canada).

When do you feel worried?

An ongoing, exhausting and frightening situation just keeps going, yet we're hanging in there because Our Lord is looking after us with protection, blessings and direct reminders to trust in Him no matter what because: He (Jesus) is working it out for us in His time. At Mass tonight, the new wall hanging next to the tabernacle says "The Lord is my Shepherd. I will not be afraid." What a great reminder, I needed it. All of my wonderful Mass moments are for You dear Jesus. And Jesus, thank you for giving us such a wise, holy and amusing priest. :)

Moon chaser.....

Dear Jesus, 
Driving home from Preschool we were followed by a magnificent full moon. Back  home I tried to capture the twilight splendour - to my delight the moon transformed into this..... My moon chasing moments are for you dear Jesus. 

A lonely ‘bully’........

Here's a wave for this tough fella as we drive to and from town. He's a curiously comforting and familiar sight of solid Angus bull grazing on grass. 'Bully' (that's what we call him)  
used to have a black bull calf to keep him company but the youngster has moved elsewhere. As we motor-past our stately friend, our car often becomes a cacophony of "Hello Bully!" followed by the children asking "Do you think he's lonely?" and "Where did Bully's friend go?" or "Do you think we should tell Bully's owner that he's lonely?" On this day we stopped to talk to Bully and he got up from his shady spot and walked over to us - Bully got as close as he could to us right beside the fence! Dear Jesus all of our "Hello Bully" moments are for you.

© He and I and me 2013

Where did all the water go?

Not much rain lately but this is ridiculous - I thought dried up dams would look muddy but this is rather pretty! For the first time ever I walked across this dam. Discovered a most unusual bottom - just look at this..........

The dam bottom became a series of drying-up mud skyscrapers which wobbled - sometimes alarmingly - when I walked atop each one. Not sure why but crossing from one dried-up side to the other - while teetering and tottering upon these artisitc mud mounds - is just as crisp an experience as scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in the late 1990s: except this time there were no sharks and no water. My walking across the dam moments are for You Jesus. 

© He and I and me 2013

Plod and chew...

Driving home after a busy morning in town. Ahead, this considerate farmer motorbiked through his herd to hurry the bovines up for drivers (me). However, I wasn't in a hurry and it was so peaceful not having a deadline so drove at a snail's pace watching the cows plod and chew. My not-in-a-hurry cow gazing driving moments are for You dear Jesus.

© He and I and me 2013

Can you spot Jesus in this photo?

Hint... look for a well known albeit blurry Divine Mercy image..........

On the XPT train home from Sydney recently. Was exhausted and Jesus knew this so He provided me with my very own private booth on the train. It was just me (no one else got on during the 7 hour journey) so I had fun arranging my belongings for my game of "Can you spot Jesus in this photo?" Jesus my solo-train-booth moments are for You.

By the way, the book in the photo is my tattered St Faustina's "Divine Mercy In My Soul" - it's not an easy read but it's so worthwhile tackling. St Faustina's descriptions and passages on the numbers of souls going to hell and purgatory are sobering while her descriptions of Jesus appearing and speaking to her are treasured gifts. I'm also reading the sixth book in the 'Game of Thrones' series ("A Dance With Dragons" by George R.R. Martin). My St Faustina and Game of Thrones books couldn't be more incongruous but I'm absorbed in both so all of my book moments are for You Jesus too.

© He and I and me 2013

A cheeky flying french fry.......

Gotta McDonalds cafe sans children. Got hit by a flying chip - it landed in my lap. Since I was solo was somewhat surprised. Saw a lady at a far table looking at me; a father sitting near-by pointed and said "It hit that lady over there." I laughed and said "Don't worry I have kids they do things like that." The lady looked embarrassed while the father dobbed "It wasn't the kids it was the adult." Still laughing about it as I type. Jesus my flying french fry moment is for you.

© He and I and me 2013 

Tell me, what do you know about God?

My filing is not the best atrocious. Was rummaging in an old sea-trunk and found this page amongst a jumble of papers. Now I remember scribbling this years ago during an ad. for a documentary about this guy Arthur Blessitt who carried a 12 foot wooden cross around the world. I was touched by the part that everywhere he went with his message of hope and God he was asked the same question: "Tell me, what do you know about God?" I never got around to watching this show but this note and my filing-fiasco moments are for You dear Jesus.
© He and I and me 2013 

Ship ahoy there me matey............

Splish splash - splash splish. The fun of powering a unique self-created Lego 'gun boat' through the waves. Children are masters of living in the moment - nothing else matters except for their little hands driving their creation in the bath. How I enjoy watching the pure concentration and contentment of this moment. It's sweeter still when the child invites another to be part of their special moment.

Was also touched to see that the green base of this 'gun boat' is a 30 odd-year old piece of Lego that my siblings and I played with decades ago. Old and new together to make the moment splish-splash perfect and it's all for you Jesus - the bubbles and puddles on the bathroom floor too!

© He and I and me 2013

The wisdom of a little flower.....

 Jesus, I always enjoy learning about St Therese of Liseaux - she was a real character and so loyal to You. I was delighted to find this holy card from my Mum to remember my "Day of Reconciliation" - I think I was in Year 2 (in about 1982) and I remember being nervous that I wouldn't have anything to tell the priest. My St Therese reading and my "Day of Reconciliation"  memory moments are for You Jesus. Please help me to be as loyal to You as "The Little Flower". I just remembered that great prayer that Carmelite Sister Maria told me a few years ago: "Little Flower in this hour show your power." The Carmelites continue to be a tremendous support to me Jesus, I'm giving you all of my wonderful moments speaking to Sister Maria and Sister Valda.

 I need to learn and live the above prayer: "O my God, I give You my heart: take it, I beseech You, so that no creature might ever possess it but You alone, O my sweet Jesus." St Therese's Mother Blessed Marie-Azelie Guerin Martin taught St Therese this when she was a toddler and St Therese was always dedicated to its divine words.

© He and I and me 2013  

A forgotten Easter moon.......

"Saw this moon and had to stop.
Took a photo but Jesus I forgot.
It's never too late to make amends.
Dear Jesus here's my moment again."

© He and I and me 2013 

Round and round and round.....

Jesus it's 3.10pm - Your Divine Mercy chaplet hour and I'm too tired to say one. Like the fan in this photo - this rotten situation just keeps going round and round and round: it's frightening, exhausting and unrelenting. Got a sobering update on things - fortunately my suffering-training kicked-in so I know what to do........."Jesus I'm putting our whole revolving and frightening saga into Your precious hands and into the sacred wound in Your heart - this whole situation is beyond me and I trust You Jesus that You'll give us safe deliverance and peace of mind in Your divine time because You know us best."

The saints knew the value of suffering and loved it because they knew the miracles and graces that Jesus works from all sorts of troubles - if only souls knew to offer their troubles to Him. I've realized that suffering brings me clarity of my life's purpose because I'm much closer to You dear Jesus but I'm far from being a saint because I still don't like suffering at all. Thank goodness the way to peace is to trust You Jesus that You'll work it all out. Thank you. 
                                                            © He and I and me 2013

A reptile, some sticks and stones......

Found this teeny tiny lizard in the hallway - popped him in a container for 'little excited hands' to study: "Oh look at his tiny face - he's sooooooooo little. Can he be our pet?". Then we transported our precious passenger outside to............

 ............our current garden sculpture. And what a job this construction has: the children visit it daily and watch..........waiting..........."When will the dinosaur eggs hatch?" Our reptile-removal and nest building moments are for You Jesus. And Lord, what did you build when You were a little boy with Mary and Joseph? Did you study little lizards like this one?

© He and I and me 2013

Heatwave - too hot to think......

It's a scorcher - 45 degrees on the verandah at 6pm. It's dinnertime and I'm watching the heat's haze from the kitchen window. Our 'Mary' statue stands steadfast and glows white hot in the sun's outdoor furnace. I venture out for a quick moment near 'Our Lady'. As I walk, a thick swarm of dragonflies hover and part and a magpie joyfully chortles - I don't know how any creature can sing in this heat? A minute or two in the sun is enough so I race back to dinner - fish fingers, chips and salad with sauce and lemon - the children love squeezing lemon on top. I realize we're out of lemons so I sprint outside to pluck the last lone lemon from its tree. Back inside I ponder: "I wonder what was Jesus' favourite meal that Mary prepared for Him when He was a little boy?". My heatwave dinner moments are for You Jesus - and for Mary and Joseph too.

© He and I and me 2013