The above quote - "Offer Me each little moment as it passes. This will be enough, because then your whole year will be for Me." - is from the famous spiritual book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis. Imprimatur: Archbishop Sherbrooke, November 14, 1969. Editions Mediaspaul, 250 boul. St- Francois nord Sherbrooke, QC, J1E 2B9 (Canada).

The wisdom of a little flower.....

 Jesus, I always enjoy learning about St Therese of Liseaux - she was a real character and so loyal to You. I was delighted to find this holy card from my Mum to remember my "Day of Reconciliation" - I think I was in Year 2 (in about 1982) and I remember being nervous that I wouldn't have anything to tell the priest. My St Therese reading and my "Day of Reconciliation"  memory moments are for You Jesus. Please help me to be as loyal to You as "The Little Flower". I just remembered that great prayer that Carmelite Sister Maria told me a few years ago: "Little Flower in this hour show your power." The Carmelites continue to be a tremendous support to me Jesus, I'm giving you all of my wonderful moments speaking to Sister Maria and Sister Valda.

 I need to learn and live the above prayer: "O my God, I give You my heart: take it, I beseech You, so that no creature might ever possess it but You alone, O my sweet Jesus." St Therese's Mother Blessed Marie-Azelie Guerin Martin taught St Therese this when she was a toddler and St Therese was always dedicated to its divine words.

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